Merry Christmast

It\\\'s have been little while and short time, we have Christmas again :) Through this side I want to say Merry Christmas every body, I hope the Love Of Jesus Christ always with you and may the Lord Blessed you always :) Merry Christmas Yuwono :) More »

Brain Wave

Dengan teknologi Brainwave ini kita dapat memanipulasi mainset otak kita sesuai dengan apa yang kita inginkan. Apakah Brainwave itu? bagaimana cara kerjanya? apakah ada efek sampingnya? apa sudah ada yang berhasil? dan berbagai pertanyaan lainnya dibahas secara lengkap. Penasaran? More »

Study until Kangguru Country

Study to overseas is very challenging and very exciting. There is a blog who made by Made Andi. Made Andi is very succes person that he can go overseas by ADS scholarship. He has many interesting story and experience that he write in his blog. The most interesting is her blog is write in Indonesian language. There fore this is very useful website that you must visit :) More »

Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Network dalam bahasa indonesia di sebut Jaringan Sensor Nirkabel (JSN). Apakah yang di maksud dengan WSN atau JSN? Berikut sekilas mengenai WSN atau JSN :) silahkan menikmatinya More »


Merry Christmas 2013 :)

Merry Christmas 2013 🙂

Merry Christmas

Hello every body it’s Christmas again,

Tomorrow is Christmas 25 December 2013,  I just imagine if there any White Christmas in Indonesia :), there will be complete. However, Christmas is not about that, Christmas in about our preparation to welcome Jesus to come in our heart. I believe this year you have prepare it well.

I wish this 2013 Christmas have bring new joy full in your family, bring new spirit to begin new life :), and may the blessing of Jesus always with you now and forever 🙂

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