11 Apr

당신의 졸업 축 하합니다


congratulation for your graduation

Selamat, Kalian sudah wisuda.

(Sorry, If I make mistakes for trying to use other languages)

Yes, Graduation.

For many college students, graduation can be a mark that they have finished studying at First Level of Higher Education (Bachelor degree). For some, it can be mark as starting level to get more higher level of education, they will pursue Master degree. Whatever graduation mean for them, it is their achievement.They had  been trough many obstacles, such as they have to fight against their laziness, their limit of knowledge about subjects of their final project,  how to deal with their supervisor who sometimes made them struggles even more. But, it all pay off with yesterday graduation ceremony. At that ceremonial event, together with their parents and friends, they enjoy the feeling of happiness, joyfulness, and thankfulness.

The graduates of Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya, please do not forget about your dreams. Make your dreams come true. Do not make it vanish without traces. A long and winding road is before you. If you can succeed at first step, I am sure, you can do even more at your next step to achieve your dreams.

So, don’t stop. You can’t stop.

Once again, Congratulation.

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  1. crystal x sidoarjo

    3 November 2016 at 12:26

    waiting for this moment… i hope i will

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