Tony Soebijono

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This personal blog is made as a medium of learning, review and sharing of scientific information and experience to develop and grow as a human being.

In this blog the author attempts to provide information and authors thought about things related to managerial, human resources, business law, accounting, information systems, photography and even way of life.

Through this blog is also the author tries to be useful for individuals others, by sharing with others.

4 Responses to About

  1. Yhufti Avissa says:

    .pak yang materi 1,2,3 kug blum mzug blog .. materi perilaku berorgaisasi .. makasiie bapak .. icha

  2. honor says:

    pak, mohon izinya menjadikan beberapa postingan di sini untuk referensi tugas kuliah saya
    terima kasih

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