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27 Nov

Beberapa paperdi bawah ini, dapat digunakan sebagai wacana bagi para pemuda yang berjiwa Entrepreneurship, saya mengambil dari beberapa materi UNESCO APEID 15th, berikut judul2 nya yang mungkin bisa menginspirasi:

Concurrent 1A:

Europe Korea Bussines Plan Competition

Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Higher Education in Indonesia

Bringing entrepreneurship into international education


Concurrent 1B:

Reflections on Korea’s Creative Education Policy

Can schools fit creativity into science lessons?

Perception of Creativity why should this matter and what can be done about it?

Concurrent 1C:

Best Practices Of Entrepreneurship Education Program In Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

first year experience & lesson learnt

* An Implementation Framework for Enabling Creativity and Entrepreneurship in China HEIs

Concurrent 1D:

Games-Based Learning Model To Enhance Entrepreneurship and Creativities to student in elementary schools

The Serious Business of Play Can Gaming Unlock Creativity and Foster Entrepreneurship?

Concurrent 1E:

Developing creativity in science classrooms

Creative Ability and the Ability

* Strengthening Creative, Innovative, and Integrative

Concurrent 2A:

Promoting Entrepreneurship For The Youht

* Indonesia’s Strategy To Promote Creative Entrepreneurship Developtment

* Creativity And Entrepreneurship Through Non Formal Education

Concurrent 2B:

A Proposed Framework for Supporting Entrepreneurial Creativity

Fostering Children’s Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation

Concurrent 2C:

Developing a Curriculum that Cultivates Creativity

Concurrent 2D:

Voice From The Field, Teaching Experience with Mangrove Ecosystem in Wakatobi

* Educational Approaches for Promoting Innovative in Japanese ESD/UNESCO Schools

Concurrent 3B:

Framework/s to improve entrepreneurial potential in developing countries

* Design And Evaluation Of Entrepreneurial Design Thinking Module Towards Generating Business Ideas Among  Polytechnic’s Students

Good Practices and Lessons Learned from ILO’s Entrepreneurship Models and Activities

Concurrent 3C:

* Woman Entrepreneurship

* Creativity Training’s Role in Building creativity skills in teachers of children Learning Centers from poor cummunities

Concurrent 3D:


Nurturing Creativity in Children: A Jalan Sesama Initiative

Concurrent 3E:

Practical Strategies for Educators to Utilize ICT Capabilities for the Development of Education and Training Curriculum

* Government Policy to Support Tacher Creativity For Sustainable Future

Introducing ESD to Education Community through the Development of the Mangrove Education e-Guideline: Issues and Challenges

Concurrent 4A:

* Uncovering Education Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Uncovering Creativity and Innovation

Uncovering Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Education Policy

Concurrent 4B:

A Participatory Design Program to Develop School Entrepreneurship Center in Vocational High School

* Capacity Building for Advancing Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Concurrent 4D:

identifying & redefining values for nurturing creativity  in building a new nation  in Southeast Asia

Preparing Children for the Future

Creative problem solving, an application by children for a real life problem

Concurrent 4E:

Effect and Possibility of Partnership between Schools and Corporations

The Role of Private Sector in Entrepreneurship Education In Indonesia

Concurrent 5A:

Developing School Spaces and Facilities Standard to Support Creativity in Education

Concurrent 5B: *

Nurturing Creativity and Entrepreneurship Skills of Youth Using the Process of Developing a Life Skills based Game for Rural Teen Clubs in India

Concurrent 5C:

Development of a Scoring Rubric to Assess the Creativity of Student-Designed Product

* Using Abbreviated Torrance Test for  Adults (ATTA) To Measure Creativity Training Effectiveness In The Indonesian Context

Innovative Entrepreneurial Education For International Hospitality And Tourism Business [IHTB], University Of Ciputra[UC] Students Through A Real Entrepreneurial Project

Concurrent 5E:

* Theater In The Clashroom; Clashroom In The Theater

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